Avo Studio

"generate design proposals that consider context, cultural, social and geographic phenomena"

AVO studio stands for the abbreviation of avocado. The studio's pursuit is to generate design proposals that consider context, cultural, social, geographic, etc... phenomena in means of data.

That sort of phenomena are, by default, compulsory data to be considered during a creative process. Although, in many cases, certain type of data is omitted since they do not represent evidently necessary information to bring up a solution.

AVO studio tries to integrate all these phenomena called "noise channels", since they contain encrypted information which helps to provide more adaptive, optimal and context/user/client - congruent design solutions.

All this makes reference to the inner structure of an avocado, generating an almost homogeneous mixture of useful data from all the direct and indirect inputs that affect decision making during the design process.

Input + f(x) = output

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